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At Breneman & Company we believe everyone should be able to live the retirement they’ve always wanted. Our team of professionals can help you create a well-thought-out strategy, using a variety of investments and insurance products and services, to help you address your financial needs and concerns.

Business Services

We empower businesses to conquer financial obstacles, become economically sound, and establish a healthy, thriving company. Businesses must consistently measure performance to avoid missing opportunities for expansion or wasting money.

Our family of financial experts has the experience and depth of knowledge to serve any type of business.

Individual & Family Services

Breneman & Company works with business owners, entrepreneurs, and other high-net worth individuals and their families to provide personalized advice and services designed to help minimize taxes and meet financial goals.

We provide individual tax planning and preperation services, personal CFO and family office services, retirement planning, and offer charitable and estate planning advice and solutions.

Wealth Management Services

We Are Wealth Managers Not Just Investment Advisors

Breneman & Company specializes in financial planning, which includes investing, but also incorporates budgeting, taxes, insurance, mortgages, trusts, wills, etc.

If all you are looking for is someone to handle your investing you just want an investment advisor, but if you want an advisor that can help you with your complete financial picture you are looking for a wealth manager.

We can offer you extensive financial planning. We are full-time professionals with specialized education and years of experience in investing and solving various financial issues.

Tax Services

Complicated Tax Laws
Today’s tax laws are so complicated that unless your financial affairs are extremely simple, you and your business will benefit from the expertise of a tax professional. According to a study released by the US Government General Accounting Office, most taxpayers (77% of 71 million taxpayers) believe they benefited from using a professional tax preparer.

In-Depth Tax Experience
Our tax team is made up of professionals with in-depth tax experience who want to build a relationship with you and your business. We generate creative ideas with a complete picture of your individual and business goals in mind.

We make it a priority to stay current on new and pending legislation and current tax laws that could affect you or your business and recommend tax saving strategies. We anticipate tax opportunities as opposed to reacting to them.

Leading Edge Tax Solutions
We are dedicated to providing leading edge tax preparation and consultation services to individuals, businesses, partnerships, corporations, and tax-exempt organizations. Understanding your personal goals and/or your business purpose, concerns and objectives is critical to identifying the best tax strategies for you and your business. Call today to speak with us.

Your Advocate
At Breneman & Company, we will serve as your advocate in all tax matters. If you are contacted by any government agency concerning your tax matters, your first call should be to us. We will take care of it so that you can get on with your business.

How We Can Help You?

  • Tax Planning and Preparation
  • State and Local Tax
  • Employee Benefit Plan Consulting and Compliance
  • Other Tax Consulting Services
  • Represented well with the IRS or State Authorities
  • Explanations of positions taken on your return
Financial Services

Our financial planning process is a thorough, yet simple way for you to take the first step toward reaching your financial goals. Throughout our process, we can help develop customized financial strategies that can turn your goals into reality.

  • We identify the values and beliefs most important to you and your family.
  • We establish a clear set of short & long-term financial goals based on your values & beliefs.
  • Together, with your tax, legal and other professional advisors, we compare financial alternatives and develop recommendations that work towards achieving your financial goals.

A well rounded financial plan examines your total financial picture: your current financial position, risk management, investment planning, retirement planning, tax planning, and estate planning. Your most valuable asset is time. The sooner you begin to plan for your financial future, the better your chances of achieving your goals.

Some of our Financial Services include the following, but not limited to:

  • 401(K) Plan Setup and Management
  • 401(K) Administration
  • 403(B) / TSA Plans
  • Asset Protection
  • Cash Balance Pension Setup and Management
  • Charitable Giving
  • College Funding
  • Estate Planning
  • Income Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • IRA & 401(K) Assets and Planning
  • IRA, 401(K) and 403(B) Rollovers
  • IRA Legacy Planning
  • Legacy Planning
  • Lifetime Income Planning
  • Portfolio Management
  • Probate
  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Retirement Income Strategies
  • Risk Assessment
  • Safe Money Options
  • SEP / IRA Plan Setup and Management
  • Simple IRA Plan Setup and Management
  • Social Security
  • Tax Advisory
  • Tax-Efficient Strategies
  • Tax Planning
  • Wealth Management
  • Wealth Planning
  • Wills, Trusts, Estates
Insurance Services

Some retirees underestimate the impact a big market loss may have on the future of their income. Luckily, insurance can be used to protect more than just your physical assets. It can also be used to help protect your future. Our firm specializes in helping individuals safeguard their retirement nest eggs by offering a variety of insurance products and financial planning strategies.

Some of our Insurance Services include the following, but not limited to:

  • Life Insurance
  • Long Term Care Insurance
Retirement Planning

We are Breneman & Company, we take the time to get to know each of our clients. When it comes to retirement, we seek to answer the following five questions:

  1. What do you visualize yourself doing on your journey through your golden years?
  2. How are you going to position your life savings to provide funding for your vision?
  3. How can we position those assets in a way that provides you confidence and peace of mind?
  4. What are you going to do when and if the unexpected happens?
  5. What will happen to your assets when it’s time for you to pass on?
Legacy Planning

It is important to ensure your hard-earned assets go to your beneficiaries in the most tax-efficient manner. By working collaboratively with a qualified estate planning attorney, our goal will be to help you:

  • Maximize your estate and income tax planning opportunities
  • Protect any assets in trust and ensure they are distributed to your beneficiaries probate free
  • Prevent your IRA and qualified accounts from becoming fully taxable to your beneficiaries upon your death
Accounting Services

Accounting is a fundamental part of your business. Our accounting services are devoted to helping you leverage your accounting and bookkeeping needs so that you can focus on your business.

Your Business Advisor

We don’t just report results. We gather valuable information about your particular business from each engagement. So instead of just handing you a document, we offer you insight and advice about how to strengthen your accounting controls and business practices so you can run your organization more efficiently and profitably.

Tailored to Your Needs

We have a full time staff to fill your organization’s needs. Our goal is to tailor our services only in the areas that you or your staff don’t have time for. This allows you to customize the level of service needed for your specific business needs.

Our Accounting Services

Our services and partners include, but are not limited to:

  • Full service bookkeeping
  • Payroll calculation assistance and support
  • Payroll and sales tax returns
  • Tax compliance
  • Preparing easy-to-read interim and annual financial statements
  • Accounts Payable/Check writing
  • Assistance and training in general accounting procedures
  • Assistance with regulatory notices and responses
  • General accounting support on-site, internet access to our server via internet
  • Industry Specialization
  • Ways to increase your bottom line
Business Consulting

Business Challenges
Companies today face countless complex business challenges. To help navigate through these challenges, Breneman & Company business consultants provide a broad range of services in the areas of financial management, risk management, strategic planning, technology, operations, and human resources.

Business Advisors
You need accountants for all of the obvious reasons – to help with your taxes and ensure your financial’s are in order. But in order to stay competitive, you also need business advisors to take a good, hard look at the way you’re conducting your business.

Preparing returns and reviewing your books are just the beginning. At Breneman & Company, we specialize in providing ongoing, in-depth consultation to closely held and expanding businesses of any size. We focus on building close client relationships that add long-term value.

Customized Approach
We offer a customized approach to our services that’s based on your needs — combining in-depth industry knowledge and a longstanding commitment to growing companies.

The majority of our clients face unique challenges throughout their life cycle. Our partners specialize in guiding you through the start-up stage all the way through to sale or succession.

We offer services in these three areas:


Prepare for retirement by putting your hard-earned assets to work.


Protect the assets that can help you live the retirement you’ve always imagined.


Provide for the people and causes you care about the most.

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